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How It Works

Submit Your Property

Fill out the form below with accurate details about your property, including location, type, size, and any special features.

Review by Our Team

Once you've submitted your property information, our dedicated team will carefully review the details provided.

After thorough review and verification, your property will be posted on our website, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers or renters.

Agent Assistance

While your property is being processed for listing, one of our experienced agents may reach out to you to discuss further details or answer any questions you may have.

Core Benefits

Why Choose Us

Brokers are benefitted by having starting commission slabs of minimum 3% and goes up to 8% with transparent commission split in case multiple brokers are involved.

Developers are benefitted by having USP of selling their inventory, new projects, or concept selling

Realtyf5 offers discounted deals to prospective buyers and investors yet achieving sales and target to builders across India

Want to sell your own property?

Are you Owner

Property owners can directly list their properties on our platform. Each property owner is allowed to list up to three properties.

  • Owner Bronze

    30 DAYS - 999
    Valid for one month
  • Owner Silver

    60 days - 1999
    Valid for 2 months
  • Owner Gold

    90 DAYS - 2999
    Valid for 3 months

Are you A broker?

How It Works

Our business model is designed for B2B and B2C marketplace
Uniquely designed online verification of projects properties and assets using AI technology and Google Prop
We not only generate leads but it’s a 360 degree end to end seamless experience

Core Benefits

Why brokers should join us

✔ No recycled leads 

✔ Highest number of leads as per comparative analysis with other brands

✔ Lesser price package across all segments

✔ Highest number of listings

✔ Highest commission sharing split of 80 – 20

✔ Each Realtyf5 broker is a corporate asset that gets dignified treatment from builders and developers 

✔ Monthly reward recognition program for brokers and their families

Packages for Brokers

  • VIP Package for Brokers

    Every 6 months
    • Number of listings: 500
    • Position on search tab : High
    • Instant activation and premium Agent Tag
    • Customized sales and closure support
    • 20 Organic Leads on complimentary basis
    • 0 intolerance to recycled leads
  • Pro Package

    Every 3 months
    • No of listings 50
    • Instant Activation
    • Reliable Agent Tag
    • On demand sales support
    • Access to buyers unlimited
  • Value Pack

    Every 35 days
    • No of listings 25
    • Complimentary 5 Organic leads
    • Instant Activation
    • Response rate high
    • Access to unlimited buyers
    • Reliable Agent Tag
  • Best Value

    Extreme Package

    Every month
    • No of listings unlimited
    • Training and mentoring by industry leaders
    • Extreme Agent Tag
    • Marketing support in your city
    • Organic leads generated on your listings : very high
    • Invitation to premium business launches
  • Corporate Finance Access Pass

    Assignment based loan assistance
    Valid for 3 months
    • Corporate Finance
  • Common Application Processing Fees

    RealtyF5 is a premium digital services platform. It's a paid services platform that invests on application evaluation hence paid. Individual scrutiny of each application is done.
    Valid for one month
    • Application form scrutiny process is handled by experts
    • Physical interview & evaluation of each candidate applying
    • Comprehensive feedback to applicants along with future leads
    • Paid application process ensures seriousness
    • Opportunity to become affiliate member for every candidate
    • On-line zoom interviews & training for shortcomings

✔ For Brokers - All deals start at 3% minimum and goes up to 8%

✔ Legal and Technical Support 365x24x7 inclusive of sales support, documentation and integrated use of realtyf5 modules for call closure

✔ Monthly reward and recognition programme for eligible brokers 

✔ State-wise and City-wise marketing support for Agents with special focus and push for tier 2 and tier 3 cities

✔ Agents earn corporate affiliation, access to associate with reputed builders and projects

✔ Lowest commission split of 80 / 20

Are you a Developer?

Package for Developers

GoRealtyF5 Package : Package Bandwidth of 2 lakhs a month to 20 lakhs a month

✔ Exclusive selling of individual projects with core competency of selling inventory up to 50 in seventy-two hours*

✔ Builders gain access to AI tools, virtual property showcase module

✔ Training and Sales module for builders inhouse team

✔ Onboarding of projects on customized basis

✔ Assured sales success rate

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